About Us

Although The Fouled Anchor opened in late 2014, it actually began 30+ years ago here in a small East Tennessee Town. It began with a builder and father of four who had the work ethic of 10 men. A father who worked with his hands, created from scratch and consistently allowed his sons to be a part of that. Whether it was holding a screw driver at the ready or slowly driving a single nail, we were right there by his side. Although it wasn't convenient and it surely couldn't have been very helpful, he included us regardless of the time lost or the setbacks to a particular project. 

With each house, piece of furniture, or small fix around our own house, a love of handcrafted goods was being instilled. A respect, an appreciation and, ultimately, an inspiration to be a part of others living out the dream of creating and building, and inspiring others to do the same. 

Those projects, those houses, that furniture that he built all have a stories and they are still being told today. This is what I love about handcrafted goods. The makers have stories to tell. Stories of hard work, long nights, and empty pockets to pursue a dream. 

These products, that can last a lifetime, also tell stories. 

Stories of the maker, the owners and those they pass them on to, keeping the inspiration of the maker alive through generations. 

The name? Well, that same father, and also my grandfather, served in the U.S. Navy.  My father served two tours of duty in Vietnam on the USS Constellation and my grandfather was a navigator on an A3-D during the Korean War. This is something I am intensely proud of.  

You might not know that a "fouled" anchor is one that has become hooked on an impediment or one that has its rope or cable wound around the stock or flukes, but you may recognize the symbol, commonly used as a symbol of the U.S.N. 

The Fouled Anchor is a tribute to those men in my family that served to defend the freedoms we so easily take for granted.

Welcome: I'm glad you're here ans I think you'll be blown away by the creativity and the craftsmanship you find. 

Create. Build. Inspire.