• Image of Sanborn Canoe Co. Custom TN State Flag Paddle
  • Image of Sanborn Canoe Co. Custom TN State Flag Paddle

Here in the south, well...we are proud of where we come from. TN natives are no exception. Our flag was designed by Colonel LeRoy Reeves of the Tennessee National Guard, an attorney from right here in Johnson City, who was serving in the Tennessee National Guard in 1905 when he created the new flag design. The Tennessee State Legislature officially adopted the flag on April 17, 1905 and now we have had our friends at Sanborn commemorate it on one of their AMAZING paddles. On the wall or in the water, this will make the perfect gift for that southerner in your life.

Colors: White, Vivid Red, Blue (Colors of the great state of TN)
Wood: Walnut, Aspen and Western Red Cedar
Avg. Weight: 25oz.
Blade Dimensions: 5" x 26"
Length: 58"
Crafted & Painted at Sanborn HQ
Paddle Durability: Cabin Cruiser

CABIN CRUISER CLASS: While not recommended for the rigors of extended wilderness trips, since they don't have fiberglass reinforced blades or epoxy tip guards, they are great for cruising around the lake on day trips or gracing your cabin's wall. These paddles are a combination of hardwood and Western Red Cedar laminated together and have a heavy varnish finish.

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